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USB Travel Kit

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USB Travel Kit. 15 in 1 exclusive pouch.

A must for all travellers. Very handy and Convenient.

The Cable Kit is the ideal solution for any one on the trip. It is compact for convenient packing, yet it contains the connectors and cables you need to get the job done. It includes RJ45 network connections, RJ11 phone connections, and any USB or FireWire 1394 a configuration. With cables; also included a stereo headset with microphone, a 4-port USB hub, and a mini optical mouse!

Package Contents:
1. 3ft stereo retractable earphone and microphone

2. 3.5ft retractable USB A/Male to USB A/Female cable

3. 4ft retractable USB A/Male to USB A/Male cable

4. 3ft retractable FireWire 1394a 6-Pin/Male to 6-Pin/Male cable

5. 3ft RJ11 retractable cable

6. USB A/M to USB A/Male connector

7. USB A/M to USB B/Male connector

8. USB A/M to USB 4-Pin Mini B/Male connector

9. USB A/M to USB 5-Pin Mini B/Male connector

10. FireWire 6-Pin/Female to 4-Pin/Male connector

11. RJ45 to USB A/Female connectors(2 pcs)

12. RJ11 to USB A/Female connectors(2 pcs)

13. RJ45 crossover connector

14. 4-port USB hub

15. Mini retractable USB optical mouse

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